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IES will apply SAP Support Packages to production on April 29, 2017 Learn More.......


May 10th - June 30th, 2017   SAP Production Archiving of Payroll and Time Data

IES will begin archiving payroll results and time data in the SAP Production environment on May 10, 2017 and continue through June 30, 2017 on Wednesday through Friday of each week within that 8 week timeframe.  It is anticipated during this time, users may experience some slowness of the system or transaction locks.  This will be due to the archive creation process and any related batch jobs.  Efforts are being made to ensure minimal interruption to business processes during normal business hours as well as any established batch jobs and scheduled activities, including Fiscal Year End.  For those users who schedule jobs independently during the day or overnight, there may be some delays or cancellations of jobs to accommodate archiving.  Once archiving has completed and if users' jobs have not been cancelled, they will resume immediately.  As archiving continues within the production environment, IES will monitor the system performance and ensure minimal interruptions to users

 We anticipate most of these changes in functionality will be limited to the Human Resources and Payroll staff, but wanted to share the process with all Business Process Owners.

Should you experience any system performance issues during this timeframe, please contact the IT Help Desk at 783-1087.


The Integrated Enterprise System (IES) is the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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