Welcome Business User

As a Business User, you are an employee of the Commonwealth who uses the Integrated Enterprise System (IES) to perform tasks and work associated with the functions and responsibilities of your job. A business user differs from a user of the employee self support component of the IES in that a business user is solely focused on accomplishing work on behalf of the Commonwealth and not on the maintenance of himself or herself as a Commonwealth employee.   

Some information about the Business User that may be helpful include:

Where can find a List of SAP roles & Requirements?

To view the Master Roles document, select Roles now.

Who assigns these roles within my Agency?

A team within your agency HR Office, with the help of the manager/supervisor in your agency assisted in the roles assigned to you.  If you have any questions about those assignments, please contact your manager/supervisor or your HR office.

What if I need to add or change my role?

You will need to use the Position Action Request (e-PAR) Form to do this.

The online E-PAR application now serves as the Commonwealth standard for requesting and routing requests for the addition and deletion of SAP user roles.  The E-PAR application replaces all hard copy forms previously designed for this purpose.  The entry page of the E-PAR application can be accessed at the following location:  http://oaiss.state.pa.us/par.  Individuals who request role updates as well as Agency Security Administrators who process them should contact their agency's HR office to speak with their PAR Coordinator for specific instructions on use of the E-PAR application. Additional information, including reference materials and simulations, are available on the E-PAR page on OA-Human Resources and Management website.

What if I need Help with a transaction?

A customized help tool to the Commonwealth's SAP users is provided.  This tool is called Ancile uPerform and will appear as "CoPA Custom Help" under "Help" on the users' toolbars within SAP.

SAP GUI screen shot showing CoPA Custom Help menu selection 

This "stay-on-top" technology help feature is available for a number of transactions, including Finance, Budget, Payroll (Travel), Procurement, ESS, HR, and Payroll.

Now that I have been assigned a SAP role and have taken courses, where do I go to begin?

You will need to access your specific SAP role through the SAP GUI that is installed on your computer.  If you do not see the SAP Logon icon on the desktop or Start menu, contact your IT delivery center.

SAP GUI desktop shortcut icon